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Kandr Weddings (Can-dur) consists of a team of two colourful photographers with a deep passion for capturing your unique moments. 

Based in Halifax and both honours graduates of the Nova Scotia Community College Professional Photography program, Kaylin and Rachel work together to incorporate their individual styles to give you a mix of elegance and edge. They have a fun, but laid back dynamic that they'd love to bring to your wedding.

"Our intention is to give you the most honest and authentic images. The kind of images that make you feel connected. We want you to feel the same way when you look at your images as when you did when they were taken."

If you think Kandr Weddings are the photographers for you, then feel free to contact us for additional information on what we have to offer.


Inspired by film, intimate moments, empowerment and love. I have a soft spot for those little details, the kind of details that refresh us and remind us how important it is to appreciate each other. My shooting style is more on the elegant side, but with a darker twist that creates drama and a feeling of intimacy. I love creating images that make you feel the story all while reflecting on the most unqiue parts of you. 

Outside of photography, I pride myself on being a book nerd. I have my own small library, plenty of cats and love dressing up (if I could dress as if I was attending a gala every day, I totally would). I want to see as much of the world as possible, I really love dancing and I can't seem to decide on a hair colour. Just trying to keep it interesting. 

The way I see it is, if you love, love and I love, love, and we all love, love, so let's work together and show some love. 

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I find myself to be more of a 'big picture' person - in a very literal sense. I love incorporating the scene with our couples, whether that be a rocky coastline or beautiful architecture, I love showing off the space you chose to say "I do" while still keeping it very you. My favourite thing is incorporating landscape photography and portrait photography into one stunning image. 

When I'm not behind the camera, you could probably find me on a hike, in a coffee shop or at 'all you can eat sushi' somewhere in the city and I try my very best to take at least one trip to a new place each year. I've had blue hair so long I feel like I would have an identity crisis without it,  and I also have a cat that is just as weird as I am (seriously, she cries when we open a can or break an egg). 

Let's be weirdos together!

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